Lighting & Power Solutions Expands with Us!

Effective immediately, LPS will be representing Premise in Nashville and the surrounding counties. We began our partnership with LPS in October 2019, being lucky enough to have them represent our line in Oklahoma, Western Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and North Eastern Arkansas. Now with the addition of Nashville, we look forward to delivering more awesomeness with them to their customers! […]

IK Ratings: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

You may be aware of the IP Ratings and NEMA Enclosure Type Ratings on LED fixtures, and how they assure the performance and longevity of lighting fixtures from any damage in a wet environment. However, in places like car washes, warehouses, and parking garages, fixtures are subject to regular wear-and-tear including, external impact. This is […]

Premise LED Inc. Ranks No. 141 on the 2019 Growth 500

Premise LED Growth 500 2018

  –Canadian Business unveils 31st annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies –   Toronto (September 12, 2019) Canadian Business and Growth 500 today ranked us No. 141 on the 31st annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. At Premise LED, we are proud to make it again this year on the Growth […]

IESNA Light Distribution Types: What Do They Mean?

IES Distribution Types: All You Need to Know

  Light distribution: it’s an important factor that is often overlooked when we are selecting the proper LED fixture (especially for outdoors). In our industry, we obsess over wattage, efficacy, and colour temperature, but often forget to consider the way light is distributed from the fixture. Will the chosen luminaire adequately cover the area we are trying to illuminate based on the position it will […]

The Importance of Uniformity in Lighting

The Importance of Uniformity in Lighting - Premise LED

  Uniform lighting is important. When you perceive your environment and experience sudden breaks due to lighting level drops, then the lighting is not uniform—and non-uniform light makes it difficult for your end-users to navigate and perform tasks, no matter how powerful or energy efficient the fixtures are. Somewhat defeats the purpose of having lighting, doesn’t it?  […]

Connected Lighting Systems – Now, Soon or Much Later?

Is it too soon for Connected Lighting?

  It seems like all the big lighting brands out there have moved their focus to Connected Lighting and IoT—it’s all they’ve wanted to talk about in the last few years. But is this because the future of lighting is in Connected Lighting or is it due to competition in the marketplace becoming fiercer and the high margins they once enjoyed can no longer be sustained, […]

NEMA Type vs. IP Rating: How Are They Different?

NEMA vs IP How Are They Different - Blog

  We all know that moisture and foreign particles can affect the performance and longevity of light fixtures. And it’s becoming more common to see requirements stating the need for “IP65″ code or “NEMA 4x” whenever jobs are being specced. We often see these two standards used interchangeably—but are they really the same? In the […]